My Rihanna (Poem)


 My Rihanna.. 
She a Good Girl Gone Bad & Unapologetic for her actions & the words that she speak man.. She was looking for a Rude Boy, so I had to keep it together, I couldn’t be weak man.. I approached her & it all started when she asked me What’s My Name.. I stuttered a little bit but quickly recovered with a joke so she wouldn’t categorize me with the other lames.. Months go by, even a year then two.. I saw her as My Rihanna, but she saw me as just her dude.. I knew she was a Good Girl Gone Bad, but I was willing to take that chance.. I can’t even lie, in the back of my head.. I was wondering if she was gonna Stay or be Unfaithful.. She might act like she is in love but I mean its twenty-sixteen, so was she gonna Stay or be Unfaithful.. Everything going right, deep conversations turned into all all night/early mornings in my California King Bed.. Everything going right, but I still had that “Unfaithful” fear in the back of my head.. I couldn’t even front, I was in love.. She was the Only Girl, the Only Girl in my eyes.. She shined bright like Diamonds, like Diamonds in the skies.. It was great in the beginning but now its like why? Handled everything that she threw my way, trying to pass every test.. But it was like every move I made was deadly, our love became a game of Russian Roulette.. She my Rihanna.. I fell in love with a Good Girl Gone Bad & she lived Unfaithful.. Heart broken but addicted to a Good Girl Gone Bad… someone please help… 
I need Rehab………


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