Quarter Past 3 (Poem)

It’s a quarter past 3 & the vibration of my phone wake me up out of my sleep.. I wipe my eyes & finally come to & then I realize that it’s a “wyd?” message from you know who.. Well nawl, you really don’t know who but it’s a quarter past 3 so I’m assuming that you do.. I read the message over & over & before I could respond, I get another text saying “I’m on my way over”.. I quickly hop to my feet, go wash my face & brush my teeth.. I go lay back down, all cool, calm, & collected.. Then I get another message saying “is the spare key in the same place that you left it?”.. I respond “yes”.. Now you gotta be a little grown for what happens next.. She walks in the room looking all timid & shy.. I knew it was front cause she’s a Gemini.. She walks up to me & kisses my lips.. She bites the bottom one, as I caress & grip her hips.. Slowly tongue kissing as she straddles me.. She pushes me back & says “fuck me”.. Instantly, my body tingles & my lil man stands up.. I kiss her neck & down to her chest, turned on, she gets wet by the slightest touch.. I get confident as fuck.. cause the way she moans & the way her body bucks.. I lay her down on her stomach, kissing her neck & trailing her spine.. As I trail, I write out in cursive, with my tongue, “you’re mine”.. I tease her more with my lips, I slowly kiss from her shoulder blade down to the side of her hips.. I flip her over as I kiss & rub her thighs, while feeling her juices drip.. She moans out as she pulls my hair in one of the tightest grips.. I gently open her legs and began to lick.. She moans out “oooo daddy”.. Trying to run so I grip her hips, licking her clit softly, she moans out “aww shit”.. She pulls me up & kisses me.. Then whispers in my ear, “I want daddy inside of me”… 

To Be Continued.. 😏


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