Melanin. Is only worn by the richest kings… And the richest queens… Melanin. Desired by all but only exalted by an elite group… Melanin. Powerful, so powerful that those that don’t glow from it, try to contain it… Even destroy it… For some, ignorance is bliss… Hell, because without it… None of us would exist… For others, ignorance is strength… Hell, because with it… They know that individual is strong and divine… So strong that, it can adapt, conquer, and rule everything in no time… Melanin. The base of all shades… Complimented by features that were sharply perfected by God’s golden blade… Melanin. Is bigger than any box it is put in… Melanin. Is stronger than any chains that try to enslave and hold it in… Melanin. It’s more than just a seven letter word and shades of skin… Melanin is the reason we can hear so well and block that sun cancer that’s trying to creep in… Man, not trying to toot my own horn but that line alone is not only factual, it’s deeper than it seems… My melanin people, we are wise and can hear what goes on around us so well, feed ourselves knowledge and understand all things… For centuries we have fought and out lived any cancerous ray of enslavement, mental and physical imprisonment, and judgement… That’s that melanin, that tough skin… So the next time you think of it… Think of how strong it is and how it glows… And how the presence of it, shows that you were highly chose…


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